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    IPAM Organization


      Just wondering how most companys set up their IPAM.


      This is how I was thinking of organizing it:


      I create a a folder for each site.

      Within the folder I create each subnet that exists at that site - even /30 subnets. I'm trying to give subnets at all sites with similiar functions, similiar names. For instance: Belfast Century Link MPLS and Dublin Century Link MPLS for /30 networks between the company routers and the carrier.


      Also, we have small /29 networks between our LAN router interfaces and Riverbeds and Core switches. These networks could be part of a supernet or summarized entry as well. So, I'm thinking of having an entry for the /29 subnet under the site that it exists in and also have a global supernet entry including all of the networks within this supernet that have this function. For example the global supernet would be - the site entry would be


      Than you, Pat