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    Is anyone using AppNeta devices & their PathView Cloud service?


      We're using the devices and service to monitor our MPLS WAN. I hesitate to give everyone access to the details in the cloud; what I'd rather do is use the traps generated by events like "packet loss exceeds threshold" to update a graphic representation of our network (perhaps by changing a circuit link from green to yellow or red) in Solarwinds. Is anyone doing anything similar? Thanks!


      FWIW here is some data that comes across in the trap (this one is clearing an alarm condition so would change a link from red to green):

      eventDetails = Inbound Measured Data Loss (2.5000%) clears condition Data Loss > 10 %

      eventId = 7071230

      eventTime = 2014-04-18 17:35:52 UTC

      pathId = 22131

      pathName = BSN-AppNeta -> AVN-AppNeta

      sqMeasuredValue = 2.5

      sqParameterState = 10