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    How to remove "Select Asset" from Tickets?


      Howdy! My name is Edwin and I'm new to Web HelpDesk. So far, I'm digging the shallow learning curve and the overall system. As a complete noob, I'm taking a hard look to all the features. Currently, our old ticket system is a mess and our users have "learned" to ignore most of the clutter. For the new system, I want the users to see a clean interface with minimal input of critical information. So far, i'm doing nicely... with one exception: ASSETS.


      At this point, in order to use the Asset feature correctly, I would have to dig our databases for the information and import it to Web HelpDesk. I would like to do that at some point, but the priority is to roll out the ticketing system and add other functionality later (in couple of months).


      When a Client is creating a Ticket, they see the "SELECT ASSET" section on the bottom (see attached jpg). I want to remove this. I went to the Admin console to Setup> Assets> Options and unchecked the "Use Assets". This removed the visibility of all other menus under Assets (which is fine)... but I still see it on the Ticket. I would like to know


      1. How do I remove the option from appearing on the Tickets?
      2. If there a way to keep the Asset on the Admin Console while still not showing on the Tickets?


      Thanks for your help!