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    Customer Portal introduces license Co-terming


      Would you like to have all of your licenses renew on the same date?  Starting today you will be able to align all your maintenance dates to one date (Co-terming) on the Customer Portal.  No need to call in, you can do it online and select the date that suits your budgeting cycle best.  Of course, if you’d like we will still be available to assist you over the phone to Co-term or new purchases.


      As always, we welcome any and all feedback!

      Watch co-terming video here


      Or read our use guide below:


      1) Find all new, refreshed and redesigned pages to renew your maintenance in the top navigation



      2) Simply renew your licenses on: https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/renew-maintenance/renew

      This pages lists all your licenses and/or seats available for renewal with current expiration dates. Note that it automatically allows you to extend your maintenance for next year.

      If you own more licenses of one product the number will be visible in Available License/Seats and you can select how many of them you want to renew. Please note, that you can’t modify the number of seats for seat based licenses from this page, please see the License Management Page for seat reduction.


      3) Want to co–term? Try this here: https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/renew-maintenance/coterm. You can get to this page from top navigation or by clicking Co-term button on Renew Now page

      By selecting the Co-term page, all selected licenses are automatically co-termed to the first available date.  To choose a different date, simply select the calendar icon on the right side of the Co-term Date.  By default – all licenses are selected.  You can modify the selection as you wish.  The Calendar Icon is always available on the first selected license.  This selected date will automatically populate on all selected products.  Please notice both the Annual renewal price and Co-term price will remain visible for comparison.





      4) When you select your licenses for co-term- simply click on Add to cart button and you will be redirected to our store. You can still edit your order there.




      5) Ready to renew maintenance? Click on Checkout now, control your account information, payment method and finalize the purchase.



      6) Congratulations! You’ve just co-termed your SolarWinds maintenance expiration!


      7) Not ready to purchase yet?  Get a renewal quote for selected period of time before you order: https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/renew-maintenance/calculator

      By default we propose a standard 1 year renewal. If you want to get a quote for 2 years or for any custom co-terming date, simply select the renewal term on top of the licenses list, choose the date for co-terming and click Send PDF to get a pdf file with the quote. You can finalize your purchase later (the quote is valid for 7 days) by contacting maintenance@solarwinds.com.

      You can also renew maintenance for selected period directly from the page. Click on Add to cart and review the order in your shopping cart.