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    Advanced Alert won't fire


      Hello everyone.


      I'm having an issue with an alert that doesn't seem to trigger no matter what I do, the crazy thing is it was working several months ago but I disabled it because I wasn't ready to use it in production.

      Now that I want to use it in production it doesn't work anymore.


      I've attached the alert to this post but a quick example of what it is suppose to be doing is as follows.


      If an interface is configured as not 'unpluggeable' and it has an operational state of 'down' it is suppose to trigger the alert and send an email with the appropriate information.


      I don't see any errors related to this alert in the event logs, it is like the alerting engine never even acknowledges the interface went into a 'down' state and never attempts to trigger the alert.

      I cranked up the polling interval to 10 seconds on the switch I'm using for testing. When looking at the status of the interface via the web page it shows as being down so it looks like the interface and the node is being polled correctly. 


      I've tested the alert with the 'test option' and the emails work it also manages to pull the correct values for the variables based on the switch and interface I chose for the test.

      But the alert does not trigger by itself.


      Also, a bunch of other alerts that we have set up are triggering and operating just fine. It is just this one alert that is not working.


      Any help that can be provided or good troubleshooting steps to take would be very helpful.


      Thank you.

        • Re: Advanced Alert won't fire

          You will need to remove all of the options from the Alert Suppression Tab. Under the Alert Suppression it is currently configured that if any of the Interfaces reports as down or any Interfaces is Unmanged, the Alert becomes null and void and none of the other Interfaces are Triggered.


          Once you remove the Suppression, the Alert should work as expected.


          Background about the Alert Suppression Tab. This was created back in NPM 8.1 as the precursor for Dependencies, so that if a device was down that it would suppress the Alert for the other devices associated to the down device.