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    SDK changes in NPM 10.7


      We've upgraded to Orion NPM 10.7 and we are having problems with the SDK.

      • It looks like the standard node pollers have changed in Orion NPM 10.7. Previously, when creating a new node via the SDK we normally register 3 standard pollers (N.Topology.Snmp.Layer3, N.Uptime.SNMP.Generic, N.Details.SNMP.Generic). NPM 10.7 has slightly different standard pollers (N.Status.SNMP.Native, N.Status.ICMP.Native, N.ResponseTime.SNMP.Native, N.ResponseTime.ICMP.Native, N.Details.SNMP.Generic, N.Uptime.SNMP.Generic). This is not reflected in the current SDK documentation (1.8).
      • We are seeing issues with timeouts when querying the SWIS service.

      Has anyone experienced similar issues with the SDK and NPM 10.7?


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          Jan Pelousek

          ad 1st bullet - which kind of problems are you experiencing? Are there some pollers you can't register or don't work? AFAIK some new pollers were introduced because there was added the possibility to poll nodes via SNMP (previously it was possible only via ICMP). This is the most probably not documented in current SDK because  the SDK was released long time before NPM 10.7

          ad 2nd bullet - Could you be more specific? Which queries do you see timeouting and include e.g. large of the tables you're querying against ? (e.g. Select Status from Orion.Container takes 1 minute, I have 500 containers)



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              Hi Jan,


              For the first bullet point, I was hoping to have documentation for any changes to the standard poller types, SDK etc so that I can make this available to the developers supporting the code.


              The main issue we have at the moment is that we are unable to register any of the standard pollers on nodes that are inserted using the SDK.


              From what I gather, when adding a node via SDK, we run a query to get the NodeID before adding the standard pollers. Since the upgrade, this query fails with a timeout error. As such, the standard pollers never get assigned to the node.


              Faulting application name: System.Exception: Failed to get json result from https://Orion:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Query?query=SELECT+MAX(NodeId)+AS+NodeId,SysName+FROM+Orion.Nodes+WHERE+SysName+=+'Nodename'+GROUP+BY+SysName ---> System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out

                 at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

                 at Cubic.OSS.ServiceManagerIntegration.Code.OrionWeb.GetJsonResultFromOrion(String username, String password, String queryUrl)

                 --- End of inner exception stack trace ---





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                  Jan Pelousek

                  Hello, I just want to make sure if you have the latest documentation since the SDK 1.8 docummentation is talking about the new topology pollers. There might be possibly some problem in the SDK upgrading procedure. So please confirm.

                  Seems to me like problem with outdated name of the Topology poller. Btw. which NPM version did you have before NPM 10.7? The new topology poller name should be N.Topology_Layer3.SNMP.ipNetToMedia.

                  In the attachment you'll find the real SDK 1.8 docummentation, so please confirm if it's not consistent to the one you have.


                  Regarding to the Query issue - Looks like you're using JSON interface. No idea about what's happening here. Assuming you're pasting the correct connection information, SWIS v3 log (c:\Users\All Users\Solarwinds\InformationService\v3.0\) should tell more.




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