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    How to avoid frequent alert mail generation?


      Hello All.


      We are using Solarwind NPM 10.2, where we have configured alert through Basic alert manager for CPU and Memory load on servers.

      The problem is that there are lots of alerts gets generated after every 10 min, which unnecessary triggers mail alerts and ultimately ticket count, can these alerts be sent with frequency restrictions.


      Thank you..

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          Vinay BY

          From what I understand is, you have set an alert for CPU and Mem using basic alert manager, with basic alert manager it wouldn't be possible for you to place a 'wait period'. Where as, if you would want to place a frequency restriction with 'wait period - time' you can do it using advanced alert manager.

          1. Create the same alert using advanced alert manager

          2. Under general tab -  you would have alert evaluation frequency - check this alert = 'time'

          3. Under Trigger Condition tab - you have a wait period - Do not trigger this action until condition exists for more than - 'wait time' (you can specify the wait time here - which is as good as frequency restriction , if CPU load > 95% for more than 30 mins only then trigger an alert)


          Hope this helps

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