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    What does V6 get me if I do not have Orion?


      I currently have Vman 5.1 and we looking at the V6 upgrade. The only think I've read about is the orion intergration. What about those of us that do not have any other solarwinds products. What does V6 get me.


      The biggest thing I want is to quickly and easily filter the dashboard widgets by data center or cluster. I don't want to have to create a new widget just to check the top CPU vms in a different cluster.



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          Lawrence Garvin
          What does V6 get me.

          In addition to the integration with NPM & SAM, VMAN v6 provides resizable widgets and enhanced capabilities for collecting performance and capacity information about Hyper-V storage.

          You can get complete details in the v6.0 Release Notes, and the v6.0.1 Release Notes and you can tour these new features in the online demo.

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            Hi benwaynet,


            The feature you are referring to we refer to internally as "parameterized dashboards." It did not make it into the 6.1 release, but is still very much on the list. And don't worry, we definitely have not forgot about the customers that haven't deployed Orion in their environments, as there are still a couple of you out there.


            Regarding the features in 6.0 and 6.1 that are not related to the integration, there has been quite a bit of effort there:

            • Significant stability improvements in terms of scaling data collection for large environments
            • Improvements to the Performance Analyzer charts
            • Improvements to the map view and widget
            • (As Lawrence mentioned) Many improvements for Hyper-V including support for Cluster Shared Volumes
            • Full support for VMware NFS Datastores including with the integration to Storage Manager
            • Resizable dashboard widgets
            • Many security patches/updates including an upgrade of the underlying CentOS operating system and it's supporting packages
            • SolarWinds Gen3 licensing which allows you to a more seamless maintenance experience - no more switching keys at renewal time!
            • Deactivate license within the appliance
            • Improvements to the responsiveness of the GUI


            If you are interested in discussing your use cases more, I'm always happy to talk with customers regarding their needs for the product on Thwack or offline.