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    What is CMC Credential ?


      Hi all,


      I am new to LEM, can somebody tell me what exactly is CMC Credential and where do I find it ? Am I able to reset CMC password ? Because previous user didn't leave any documentation.


      Thanks in advance

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          Please take a look at this KB article:


          SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Use an SSH client to connect to your LEM appliance


          "After you connect, log into the LEM appliance to make changes or view data. The user account for these functions is cmc and you set the password after activating your LEM license. If you are evaluating LEM, the default password is password."


          If it's been changed, you can still access the CMC shell from the virtual console (VMWare or HyperV) or by physically accessing the box, and there is a PASSWORD command under the APPLIANCE menu.  However, you'll need to old password to change it.  If that's completely lost to the ether, you can call support and we can use the root account to get in and reset the CMC user for you.