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    Sign up for the Database Performance Analyzer 9.0 beta!


      Database Performance Analyzer 9.0 Beta will soon be available for you to try!


      Here are some of the great features that you can try in the Beta:

      • New Features:
        • Baselines for Resource Metrics
        • Performance I/O
        • SQL Adviser dropdowns
        • SQL file/drive tab
      • Alert Improvements:
        • Alerting Blackouts
        • Resource Metric Alerting
      • Extended Version Support
        • DB2 10.5 support
        • Oracle 12c (single tenant) support
        • SQL Server 2014 support
      • And More...
        • Improved GUI and Drill Downs
        • Mass Registration of Instances
        • Bug Fixes


      If you are interested, please sign up for the DPA 9.0 Beta.




      The DPA Team