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    Custom node thresholds not considered in Out-of-box resource views/reports


      Hi all,


      As per the recent NPM upgrade, I have been able to configure custom thresholds for CPU and Memory on a per node basis. The new thresholds do not seem to be taken into consideration in some out-of-the-box reports. In my case the CPU and Memory utilization resource views/reports ("Nodes with High Average CPU Load" and "Nodes with High Memory Utilization") seem to ignore the custom thresholds and just rely on the Orion general thresholds, when displaying results.


      The outcome is an inconsistency between the actual configured thresholds and the colours (Warning = Yellow and Critical = Red) in those views/reports, for nodes that are actually performing well (as per their custom threshold).


      I was wondering if anyone has found a way around this (i.e. reports to present issues based on custom thresholds, rather than Orion general thresholds), or if more people are experiencing the exact same issue.

      I was told that my issue was passed on the development team and that I should also raise it in Twack...