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    Unable to monitoring the statistics of Virtual machines on the ESX



      Hi All,



      I have added 5 VMware ESX to the NPM and then they Can work fine on last month. The 2 of the ESX hosts are no longer update the statistics of Virtual machines recently,  I have tried to deleted and re-added them . I can seen the statistic of SNMP for the 2 ESX host , but still unable seen any statistics of Virtual machines in the 2 ESX host.


      Like below screenshot:



      The ESX status are Unkown:


      The SNMP test is succeed, but When I test the ESX credential the status "Processing..." staying a long time , like below:


      and then appears "timeout occurred while long operation. retry last operation again please." after about 10 minute. please take note the network delay between solarwinds and ESX server less then 2s.



      I 've confirmed the credential are correct and Solarwinds Server able connect to The TCP 443 port on the ESX server.


      also, Solarwinds able to access the Welcome Page and SDK page on the ESX Server. Like below:






      So , dose anybody can help me to fixed this issue.



      NPM Version: 10.3.1

      VMware Version :5.0.0


      Thank you!@