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    Bandwidth Gauges for Engineer Toolset Question




      I've created gauges for all of our WAN links and Internet links that refresh every 3 secs. It's pretty cool - especially when looking at bandwdth usage and you want immediate feedback but, I only wish I could have the gauge that is experiencing high usage to change color or flash. Is there a way to do this? I have alerts for email and text for this but, I'm looking for immediate notification from the tool.


      Thank you, Pat

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          Hi Pat


          I am assuming you are using the Interface Gauge gadget in Workspace Studio. Am afraid, there is no option for what you are requesting. i.e change color or flash. The best what the gadget can offer is for the user to modify thresholds, which will increase or decrease the yellow and red indicators/meter on the gauge.


          If this does not help in your case, I would recommend to file a feature request on thwack and we will track it from there on.


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          Cliton Godinho

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