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    How do I take advantage of the new Dynamic Thresholds?


      We have recently upgraded our NPM to 10.7 and I can now see the dynamic threshold options on my interfaces. What do I have to do in order to make the charts/graphs take advantage of these new thresholds?


      For example, I have an interface dedicated to backup traffic. It is consistently 85-89% utilized. Because it is so heavily congested, I have a lot of discards on that interface as well. As far as I am concerned, this is normal for this interface. I have updated the thresholds to show warning at 90% and critical at 95% and discards are set dynamically. However, this interface still shows up at the top of the list for top "25 interfaces for percent utilization" as well as it shows red under the interface details. It also shows at the top of the "Discards over 1000".


      Am I going to have to create all new resources that take this into account? We have been using only SolarWind's prepackaged resources so far because they have been able to provide the information we need.


      I am hoping that I am missing something simple here. Any help would be appreciated.