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    Pros and cons of using a SaaS email application


      SolarWinds recently did a survey of IT professionals with email management responsibilities.  13% of respondents are using a SaaS based email application and 37% of respondents believe their organizations will be moving in this direction in the next 3 years.


      Are you currently using a SaaS based email app? (Office365, etc.)  If so, what were the business benefits (better DR, lower cost to manage/maintain, reduced infrastructure cost, etc.) that caused you to move in that direction?


      After moving to a SaaS based email app, did you actually realize these business benefits?


      Were there additional costs or management challenges you did not anticipate?


      At the end of the day, would you recommend moving to a SaaS-based email application?


      Thanks for your feedback!  Here is link to the infographic with some of the survey results:SWI_Email_Survey.pdf