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    Can a FoE be installed on a polling engine?


      Hi guys,

      I have a design question and can’t find an answer in the docs.

      I see that the latest NPM can be stacked or installed multiple times on a single Windows platform and this could obviously save the costs of extra hardware and the associated OS.  It gave me the idea of economies in resiliency platform costs.

      If I deployed a dedicated hardware SQL server and a primary polling engine at one facility with an additional polling engine across a WAN and then wanted to deploy Fail over Engines to protect both of these pollers could I cross-connect the FoE with its polling engine. For example, the primary engine server hosts the fail over engine for the additional polling engine and the additional polling engine server hosts the fail over engine for the primary engine. If this is possible it would save the extra expense of two more platforms. Obviously there would be many other considerations, but is it possible?

      Many thanks