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    Report Schedules


      Under the Report Schedules, we created a schedule to run every Saturday morning at midnight.  This schedule of Weekly Reports has 14 reports included. On Monday morning we opened up the email that had all the reports attached and there was no data on the reports.  It only gave us data for March 30th.  However, if we run the 14 reports manually, it gives us the week worth of data that we requested.  Is there a problem with the scheduled reports or did I mess something up?

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          Looks like pretty robust report to me... nice work!  The only thing I can see that seems off is on page two, in the header. It says, "Tickets opened between 03/30/14 12:00AM and 03/30/14 12:00AM."  That may be why it is giving no results, since the time window is pulling at that instant and not over the past week. Double check the parameters and if all looks good, raise a support ticket.

          Good luck...