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    WPM - getting started with Azure


      Hi All,


      Currently in evaluation mode with WPM and have come across two particular issues.


      It works perfectly for one of our websites (and impressed with the results), but am having issues with another corporate website. Basically the website transaction loads and plays through fine in the console of the Orion server, but when scheduled it doesn't seem to run correctly.


      Error: "Step 'Website Online Transaction' failed: Element 'text field' was not found"

      Viewing HTML I get: "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD> <BODY></BODY></HTML> "


      Does it use a proxy to connect? Are there any particular logs I can view to see what is going on beneath the surface?



      Secondly, I can't seem to connect to my Azure instances at all. I keep getting the message "invalid password" when attempting to test the transaction location, which seems to be a generic message when it can connect (to any port), but not communicate.

      From the Orion WPM server I can telnet to the correct port on the correct destination server (via the Azure TCP 17781 endpoint/translation config). I see this connection come up in netstat on the Azure box, so know that in theory connectivity isn't a problem. Any ideas or pointers for those who have done this?




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          Kbyrne, I can help you with the first part... I found out from a question I asked... that when you export your recording you get an XML file that shows you all that is being recorded. This will help you figure out what is actually being done in each web action.  The Fiddler app suggested by Solarwinds can be used to see the interaction with the web browser. If it worked during playback on server, but not at a different location... are you sure there have been no changes to the page since the recording?

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            Hello Ken,

            For your failing transaction - try to run recorder under local user account instead of your domain account. Player is using local accounts so there may be some permission or configuration issue. Best way would be to create local user account on the machine, run recorder under that account and see how it works.


            As for your Azure issues - How have you deployed agents to those machines? Have you set any password for players? Invalid password should mean really invalid password. If you can't connect to the player, error should be more like "service not available". Are those agents in active (player initiated) or passive (server initiated) mode?

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                jiri.tomek - I am running WPM Recorder on my desktop, connected to our server. When I hit "record" and go to www.office.com then Sign In, it asks for a username. Then you click Next. Then it asks for a password. Then click Next again and it should log you in. It does this fine when recording. Still in the WPM Recorder on my desktop, if I just play back the exact same thing I did, after it "types" in my username and it clicks Next the website throws an error that nothing was typed in, even though I can see it still in the text box. This hasn't even been saved and run by a server yet, this is just trying to record and test it right away still all in the Recorder.