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    Weekly Rotation Question


      I am having a heck of a time trying to make this work, so I am probably doing it wrong.


      We have 9 people for our on call rotation, each shift is from 8:30am Monday to 8:30am the following monday.


      Right now I have to enter this in manually each time for a week straight.  The All day feature does not work for us as it changes at 12am.. anyways, I would like to hit the reoccurring option to repeat a schedule every 9 weeks for each person. This way I don't have to keep entering everyone manually every 9 weeks.


      When I do this it really messes up the view entering things for viewing..


      How can I do this?

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          As I understand, the best solution for you would be to select some time range (8:30 Monday - 8.30 Next Monday) and just repeat it. Unfortunately for now it's impossible.

          The workaround exists, but the solution is neither obvious nor simple.You can review it below and decide for yourself whether it'd easier for you to use the proposed one or stick to already used .

          You'll need to create four appointments for each employee, but created once you won't need to repeat it every 9 week.