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    Alert based on group and node?


      Hi there,


      I am trying to create a new alert which i think should be pretty straight forward, and maybe i am being slightly dumb!


      I have a group, which contains 8 servers, all running IIS. These web servers have an issue with their web application - you can tell there is a problem if the CPU hits 30% for longer than 3 mins. So I want to create an alert to send an email to the web team to let them know.


      I open a new alert, choose group from the 'type of property to monitor' and then choose a simple condition - Group Name is <Mygroupname>


      I then want to change the property type to monitor to node, and choose =- CPU Load is higher than 29


      I set up the email etc, and save, all looks good. I then go back into the alert, and group name has changed to IOS Image Family


      I assume this is because i am selecting out of 2 different property types?


      Any help? is this possible?