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    Bring back Custom Property Editor


      Dear Solarwinds,

      I have been a Solarwinds customer for more than a decade.  I've been with you since the early release of the Engineer's Toolset.  My company purchased Orion version 6, so needless to say we've been using it for quite some time.  I am begging you, on my hands and knees, PLEASE bring back the Windows GUI Custom Property Editor.  The web version of importing/exporting/updating custom properties is just terrible, it really is.  I cannot for the life of me understand how any person with reasonable intelligence and logical thought processes going through their mind would think that the web version of custom property editing is even remotely comparable to what we had before with the Win32 app.


      I find myself again trying to export custom properties because an interface with hundreds of VLANs on it got moved to a different router.  I started this process TWO HOURS AGO and I have no hope of ever getting it done.  I'm going to have to go through and manually update each interface because the web GUI CPE is just terrible.  It's absolutely worthless and anyone at Solarwinds who thinks it saves you any time whatsoever should really try to use it in a production environment and try to get real work done and then tell us how much greater and easier it is to use than the classic Win32 application.  When you select custom properties to export, rather than ask you what interfaces you want, by default it selects every interface, which in my installation, is more than 6100.  Okay, great.  Wait for the web app to load up all the little icons so I can "Select All", then "Remove", then wait for the web app to populate the left-hand column with the nodes, then scroll through my 300 or so devices to find the exact node with the interface, then scroll and select each individual sub-interface because the search function cannot be refined, then select "Add", then select "Select All", then hit "Select Interfaces", then the dialog box closes and I'm back to step one, where the main Export interface shows all 6100+ interfaces.  Again.  Rinse and repeat.


      I would work my entire life cleaning sewers in a Peruvian prison just to scrape up enough money to purchase a family of goats so I could sacrifice them to The Dark Lord and sign my soul over for this eternity and any eternity in any other possible dimension not known to mankind, just to have the old Win32 app back.  That is how much I hate the web GUI custom property editor at this point in time.

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          Leon Adato

          First, full marks for your use of hyperbole and vitriol. It's nice to know other folks here appreciate the fine scent of sacrificed goat as much as I do.


          Second, I agree - the web custom property editor, while certainly "better" than it was on the eve of its release - is still not anywhere near as usable as it's Win32 utility forbearer. Sure, it's multi-user and web-based. But if it comes as the expense of people WANTING to use it, that's kind of a non-starter.


          What it's driven me to do is get really really good at SQL, knowing the SW schema, and not being afraid of UPDATE queries. Yep - straight to the prod system. So on the one hand I've found a work-around. You can just edit the tables directly. On the other hand, this probably comes solidly under the heading of "bad behavior".


          But we all have our ways of coping.


          I'm going to say that I don't need the Win32 utility back. I'm happier NOT giving my entire staff direct RDP access to the primary polling engine. (yeah, I still need to do that for alerts but you are working on that).


          What I *will* say is that a happy compromise would be a utility like Network Atlas, which can be downloaded to my PC but which communicates back to the poller. Or just beef up the existing web version so that we can get things done.

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            Apologies for the inconvenience sir- we definitely had a few functional misses on v1 of the web-based CPE, and we've been working to close the functionality gap subsequently. If you were interested, perhaps we could spend 30 minutes on a WebEx to look at how we using the tool? PM me if interested. In the interim, there is a recently discovered performance issue with CPE and IE with a large number of rows. If you are using IE, it may be advisable to try an alternate browser as well.