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    Force VLAN summary on for node, interface detail


      After upgrading to NPM 10.7, I noticed that VLAN object (more specifically the 'List of all VLANs') on the default 'Network' view only shows for nodes that have multiple VLANs configured.  Is there any way to force this item on even if a particular switch/node only has one VLAN currently configured/trunked?  We happen to have multiple switches that at present only have a single (non-default) VLAN trunked to them.  This means that if a technician who doesn't know what VLAN a switch happens to be on, they would have to either go to the config for the device or check the trunk port at the other end.  Also, and I realize this is more of a feature request and one I believe I found mentioned by another user, is it be possible to add the VLAN information to the 'Interface Detail' without having to create a special custom poller?