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    Creating dependencies for ticket custom fields - can you?


      Hi there fellow thwackers,


      We've recently implemented Web Help Desk and after the initial "what do we do with this?", I feel that we've gotten the hang of it and will be going live with it as our Asset and Ticketing system.

      However, I have one small question and that is around the ticket custom fields.


      1. Service Affecting: Yes; No
      2. Services Impacted: Text field
      3. Service Impact Start: Date Time


      Ideally, of the three fields, 2 and 3 should only be visible/required if option 1 = Yes.

      Where as at the moment, the techs needs to answer all three options (all be it with N/A and some random date time) before the ticket can be saved.


      Is this possible to create the dependencies?