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    Directory Monitor Changed


      After upgraded to 10.8.2 I didn't realize the Directory Monitor analysis of test results settings had changed.  All the monitors I had setup had specific settings to alert on.  After the update, these settings were still there, however a flag was added for OFF, AND, OR.  By default after the update it set them all to OFF.  So the monitor itself shows as up, but the results were not being analysed.  I only caught this at 3am when a system was down and finding that the alert hadn't gone off as expected.  Did I miss this in the release notes that all these monitors needed to be fixed?  For all other admins who have updated, I would check these monitors.  Now I'm wondering what other monitors may be affected by new enhancements.

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          Can someone also explain the rules on this?  I normally just use the "File count must be" < [#].  Select the AND next to this gets the monitor working again.  However, if I also select AND next to "Directory existence" "Directory Must Exist" the monitor will fail.  Select "Sample" shows the directory does exists and the file count is lower that the given number.  I would think AND next to both means the monitor will only pass if both results are true.  But this is not the case in testing.