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    List of Available Pollers in DB?

    johnny ringo



      I see that the SDK comes with a list of supported pollers in the SDK documentation.  I was wondering where in the database is the list of all the pollers in the product?  I can see the list of pollers assigned to my nodes (dbo.Pollers).  I would like to know all of the other pollers that are not listed in SDK documentation that I have not applied to a node yet.  Thanks

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          Leon Adato

          The table name is Engines. It links to the Nodes table via the EngineID field. To get the NAME of the polling engine, you use Engines.ServerName.

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            No, there is no master list of pollers in the database - just in code.


            Leon, the Polling Engines listed in the Engines table are sometimes referred to as "pollers", but these are not the same thing johnny ringo is asking about.

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                johnny ringo

                Yes tdanner is correct.


                tdanner, I am trying to write a PS script that will turn off polling of certain statistics based on whether a node is a member of a certain group.  I am writing this script because there is no way to turn off polling of certain statistics during network discovery.   You can only decide what interfaces to monitor, not what node level (routing table, CPU/Memory, etc)statistics to monitor.  In my environment, the WAN links are very small and so we are very precise about what statistics we poll.  I would like an autmoated way to do this.


                My thought was to use Orion.ContainerMembers to determine the NodeIDs with the ContainerID I am interested in. Once the script had the particular NodeIDs, it would then parse Orion.Pollers for these NodeIDs (NodeID = NetObjectID) and where it found a certain PollerType it would change the Enabled field to False.  Many of the PollerTypes that I need are listed in the SDK technical reference, but a few I am concerned about (namely CBQOS, Hardware Health) are not.  do you have any suggestions on how I can work around this?