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    Node/Interface Management resource - Calendar?


      I've been wanting to build a calendar/event type of view where you could go and see all nodes/interfaces set to be unmanaged in the future, like a change calendar. Since I have recently started leveraging SWIS/SWQL(very nice by the way!!) to connect our other tools to Solarwinds, I decided to build a custom calendar for this. My original thought was that this would be easy and all I need to do is to do a query that looks for any nodes where the UnManageFrom column is greater than now. Well, I found a node in such a state, but it turns out this was a node that a colleague had unmanaged this morning for between 5:40 am and 5:45 am. But the current values in the UnManageFrom and UnManageUntil columns are 10:40 am and 10:45 am. I got this info by doing a SQL query in the Database Manager. I confirmed with my colleague that he did not change the values after the original unmanage event.


      My first thought was UTC might have something to do with it, but I am in Central time zone and UTC is -6:00 here. In my mind, at least, that doesn't explain a 5 hour offset. Any ideas?


      Is there already such a management resource and I just completely missed the boat?