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    SQL Agent Job Info - Status


      Morning all,


      I have been using the AppInsight Template for SQL for sometime now but have experienced high load on each of the SQL Servers that this is applied too.  We have realised that the SQL versions we are running are not compatible with the AppInsight template and as such we are turning them off (there is a roadmap for these to be upgraded)


      In the meantime we have no way of monitoring any failed jobs that the SQL Agent runs.


      As the template comes as all monitors or no monitors I haven't got a way to monitor these and alert when there is a failure.


      Has anyone come across a template that will do this (the ones I have tried previously will not)



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          Have you found the answer to your question yet? At the very least you should be able to disable individual components of an AppInsight template to reduce overhead on your older SQL. I'm curious as to what version SQL you found not compatible with AppInsight.


          Another method I have used with DBA's is to drop MSSQL sourced events into the Windows Application Log, and in turn use (1) component monitor to capture any error events detected in the Windows Application Log. By using special alerts rules I could notify specific groups to specific sourced error events detected.