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    Alert Details


      Just setup Alert Central with our Orion server. I have found some of the alerts do not come in with any data that will allow me to route it to the appropriate groups. I had expected the Object to be the node name but in this case it is Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters. That could be any server that we are monitoring with that. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.


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          As i understand this is Orion alert what was created by you , because i can not see this kind of alerts on Basic/Advanced list. If you want to see "object :"  like name of node you can chose one of Advanced Alert like :

          Advanced alerts.PNG


          This is my sample of Orion alert, you can see node name on the 'Object:' section.

          This name is the link what leads to Node details on Orion Side:

          Node name.png

          If you want to create own alert and  specify special trigger condition you can contact Orion team:

          Network Performance Monitor


          Thanks for you attention

          Olexandr Blazhenko

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              The alert in the original post is a SAM based alert.  The reason olexandr.blazhenko does not see this listed is because SAM is not installed on that system.


              jlabomb - On the alert sharing tab of your alert you can add additional properties using variables, such as ${NodeName}, however be aware that this does not always work, depending on how the tables are related (as is the case for hardware components).  You should be ok with App components though.