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    Forward SNMP Traps to external colllector


      My Boss just tasked me with forwarding all traps sent to my Orion server to an external collector (DPS TMon/LNX).  To my understanding, the Orion Server only forwards traps - so my external collector will have to have the MIBS for each device?  The Server itself does not send its own traps - just forwards the vendor traps.  Is that entirely true? 

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          Leon Adato

          Short answer: yes.


          Medium answer: Forwarding traps is effectively the same as if the original source device sent the trap directly to your DPS system. So whatever you would have to doto receive traps on the DPS, you have to do when they come from Solarwinds.


          NOW... one thing to be clear on is that traps are not always device-specific. For example, the coldstart trap (when a box reboots unexpectedly) is part of the basic SNMP MIB and is common to all devices. So once that exists on the DPS it will work for a Cisco router, an Aruba access point, your internet coffee pot, etc.


          Specialized traps - the signal strength for that Aruba access point; or the water_low trap for the internet coffee pot* will require the MIB for that device.


          * - I'm making that up. everyone knows internet coffee pots always require a direct connection to the cold water line so that coffee never runs out.