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    Packge Boot Question


      First off, I would like to state that I have watched this video here "Custom Package Creation: PackageBoot™ Deep Dive - YouTube" and have read the admin guide Package Boot section.



      The need that I have making this custom package is to accomplish three things post-install.  I am working with a Hyland Unity client, not sure if anyone else is familiar with this.


      I need to:


      Execute cscript.exe with a .vbs that edits the .net machine.config file to fix one line in it.

      Execute reg.exe to delete a registry key in HKLM

      Execute xcopy.exe a configuration file from the package directory to a program files folder. 


      My question is, the value "Run program from package directory" is like the "Working Directory".  Does this modify the path to execute the "Program Name"?  Since cscript is usually in the PATH, do, can I just leave it set at ""Run program from package directory"?


      Is it better to put these three commands/calls into a batch file and call that?