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    Alert Palo Alto HA change state




      I need to check if the status of the HA on Palo alto 5020 change.


      For this, i have created a new poller with UDP:


      I found the right OID ( )

      This pollers return 3 states in raw text:


      disabled if HA is not enable

      active if HA is enable and the firewall is primary

      passive if HA is enable and the firewall is passive.



      Now i have no idea how to use this on solarwinds to create a visual alert and make a trigger to alert me if we have any change on this values

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          this doesn't seem like UDT related question. Could you please raise it in the appropriate product thread?


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            Hi klinnex,


            Hopefully this will help you out a little. There may be a better way of doing it but this works for us. Note that this is for Cisco HSRP states on devices but you should be able to apply it to your Palo Alto. Here's the scenario:


            Router A = Primary device (should be active)

            Router B = Standby device (should be standby)


            So I have two UnDP pollers:





            Both of these poll for the SNMP OID of (CISCO-HSRP-MIB:cHsrpGrpStandbyState).

            Router A is assigned the HSRP_StateOnPrimaryDevice poller and Router B is assigned the HSRP_StateOnStandbyDevice poller.


            Then I created two Advanced Alerts:


            "Cisco HSRP primary device not Active":



            "Cisco HSRP standby device not Standby":



            So now when Router A state is NOT active, it fires an alert. And when Router B state is NOT standby, it fires an alert.


            Although this is a little messy in my opinion, it does work. I hope this helps you! Good luck.