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    Upgrade NPM with NTA and NCM


      We are designing a new Solarwinds infrastructure for a client.

      What our client has at the minute is an old domain and network infrastructure that has solarwinds installed with NPM, NTA and NCM all on one server. The databases are all installed on a separate SQL Server cluster.

      We are putting a new infrastructure including all new networking kit and a new domain in for them that will have a two way trust and full network connectivity to all their old network\ kit.

      Our client requires us to migrate the current solarwinds to the new domain and keep all the settings they had with it this is so the monitoring of the old kit can be done by the new Solarwinds

      I have read in the NPM documentation that this is possible but I was wondering how we do this with NTA and NCM in the mix?

      Any help would be appreciated.