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    NPM 10.7 Custom table SWQL-based report resource failed to properly initialize


      Does anyone know why the following Custom Table SWQL-based report generates error message "Report resource failed to properly initialize"?

      (1) Edit Report | Layout Builder | Custom Table | Edit Table | Preview works

      (2) Edit Report | Layout Builder | Datasource | Edit | Preview works

      (3) Edit Report | Preview | Edit Table | Preview displays error message "Report resource failed to properly initialize".

      SELECT R.Component.Application.Node.Caption as Node, R.Component.Application.Name as Application, R.Component.Name as Component, R.Date, R.ResponseTime

      FROM Orion.APM.ResponseTime R

      WHERE (R.Component.Application.Name='HTTP Form Login')

      AND ((R.Date >= ${FromTime}) AND (R.Date < ${ToTime}))