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    monitoring events triggered by remote desktop users?


      I did review the pdf http://web.swcdn.net/creative/pdf/techtips/SW_TP_LEM_How_To_Monitor_User_Logon_Actions.pdf


      My question relates specifically to monitoring windows remote desktop logins and subsequent actions....

      would LEM also be able to monitor these actions?


      For instance, a windows server node was rebooted this afternoon and we
      would like to poll last remote desktop user to identify who rebooted the node.


      Is there a way to incorporate the monitored activity into the 'node rebooted' alert under 'Advanced Alert configuration'?


      For instance

                nobody@solarwinds.samuelmerritt.edu (ip address) node rebooted (insert name of login id from LEM here) timestamp of event

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          I didn't think I could make this work, but I tested it and my original rule spammed the snot out of my mailbox (something like 32 e-mails in 10 seconds).  Here's how I did it, though I also see there is a SystemReboot event class that might work for this even better.  The LEM always has a dozen ways to skin any particular cat, so this is just "an" solution, not the "only" solution.  In fact, I think I may have gone a little nuts trying to demonstrate multiple possible correlations that might catch these events.


          The many "NOTS" are because when you reboot a system, Windows goes insane with activity and you only want the actual user, not the many system accounts that get involved (this is what spammed me originally, and the NOTS reduce the spam)


          I have one correlation group looking for an Agent going off-line and then on-line, which usually means a reboot, but could also capture a hard power-cycle.  The SystemReboot would only capture nice shutdowns.


          2014-04-02 07_42_18-SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Console.png