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    Port configuration for Alert Central


      I'm getting the "The server at ''{0}'' does not appear to be an Orion server." error.  From other threads here, it looks like I need to open up 17778 on the Orion server in order for the AC server to talk to it.


      The documentation is spotty on this detail - nothing seems to be mentioned in the Quick Start guide about this and there is only one vague mention in the Admin guide.


      Where is this port opened up on the Orion server?  IIS?  Windows Firewall only?  Is there a setting in the Orion console to enable this?  I understand how to open ports in the WinFW, and I'm aware that some apps and utils will take care of the WinFW ports automatically.  I'm wondering what else might be needed or if there's a single Orion-related setting I may have missed.


      Thanks in advance