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    EIGRP Neighbor status is not correct


      I have a site that failed over to DMVPN with a hold time of 180 (T1 is preffered as default).  The T1 is dirty and bounces the EIGRP neighbor about every 45 seconds and hence the routes stay on DMVPN.  But the neighbor status states that its been established over an hour:


      From Orion:


      salhqcr3a.perdue.comCisco EIGRPEstablished10.145.254.41

      about an hour ago (3/31/2014 8:33:23 AM)



      From router (sh ip eigrp nei):

      1           Se0/0/0:0                13 00:00:20    6   100  0  42714


      Why is this?  How does NPM poll the neigbor table?