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    Missing Edit DHCP option on IPAM after NPM/SAM upgrade


      We upgraded recently to Orion NPM v10.7 and SAM 6.1.  The server is hosting several other Orion tools, including IPAM v4.1.  We did not encounter major issues during the upgrade for either NPM or SAM.  However, we noticed last week that the option to Edit DHCP servers is no longer accessible.  Now, we can see and click on the Manage DHCP servers link from the IPAM Settings page.  However, when we click on the link, it takes us to the DHCP & DNS Management page, but there is no Edit DHCP servers menu.  See below:

      Missing Edit DHCP server option on IPAM.GIF


      We opened a case w/SW and they recommended for repair on the IPAM module as well as the SW Orion Core Services.  I first ran the repair on IPAM (and ran the Config Wizard) but it did not bring the Manage DHCP servers option back.  After this did not work, I then ran the repair on the SW Orion server and re-ran the Config Wizard; again, no luck either.  Has anyone else in this forum run into this (or a similar) issue after upgrading NPM and/or SAM?  Thanks in advance.