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    How do I turn off/modify alerts?


      I just installed Alert Central and am looking forward to using it.  I currently have alerts setup to point to my email account.  I want to test it before I open it up to my co-workers.  The problem is my inbox is now being flooded with emails about alerts being re-activated.  I have most of my interfaces set as showing plugged/unplugged as opposed to up/down.  How do I disable the alerts from overwhelming my inbox?  I want to alert on only specific interfaces and conditions.  I don't care about interfaces that have been unplugged.

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          I believe you're currently talking about NPM alert.

          If yes, the number of alerts and triggers for their generating is NMP responsibility. So you can try to ask it NPM team how to lower the number of notifications in general.

          In case, you're interested in specific devices or specific alerts, you can try to set up it on AC side. For this you should modify your Orion Source settings and specify the conditions for trashing and routing alerts. See the image below as an example



          Please inform me in case you need any additional info

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