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    Netflow Web application Classification


      Hie peeps, l need Netflow to classify the web traffic according to protocol.l want to be able to see whether traffic is P2P , Streaming or File Downloads and also what percentage is that traffic in relation to combined traffic? Is there a way to NTA distinguish traffic according to web application type ?

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          This is not possible in NTA today. That data isn't present in NetFlow v5 or traditional NetFlow v9 at all. Some exporters (some Cisco ISRs and ASR1ks with NBAR2 enabled, and some dedicated NetFlow DPI probes) can send the application name as part of their NFv9 or IPFIX exports, but NTA doesn't support this. There is at least one company that makes an add-on for NTA that integrates with a flow-enabled DPI probe (I have no experience or affiliation with it).