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    Restart setup wizard


      I've gone through the initial setup wizard for Alert Central and encountered errors during the email server setup steps. I was presented with the option to manually set this up later so the wizard could continue. I opted to do that so i could complete the initial setup and come back to the email server setup after working with our systems team. Well I am not having much luck finding wehre i can get back to that initial email server setup step. When I log in to Alert Central with the Admin username, I'm sent right into the application, with the 5 main tabs across the top, Alerts, On Call, Calendar, Groups, Users.


      How do i get back to the initial setup wizard so i can correctly establish the connectivity methods with our mail server?

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          Hi ,


          Please log in to the application, look at the right top corner, find there Settings link and under Settings select Getting Started with Alert Central -> click on Getting Started Wizard link





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              Thanks for the quick reply Olya,


              That would seem like the obvious thing to do but the problem is, I don't have a settings link in the top right corner. Oh wait a minute....What is that ?

              Good ole IE.... That setttings link you just mentioned shows up in white font inside a white box that displays my username and a logout link. Must be a CSS issue with IE. When i change to a Chrome browser, I see the settings clearly and obvious.


              Thanks again.