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    Device Tracker and Custom Properties


      I have two lists of switches that I want to monitor for ports available.  One group are the switches at our corporate location and the other group are the switches at our stores.  I need them separated in a top XX list because while 5% available at a store isnt a big issue, 5% at my corporate locations would not be good.  So, In custom properties I assigned my campus switches with an identifier "CampusSW".


      The problem is that when I edit the TopXX in my Device Tracker summary view and say show only nodes with CampusSW (Department = "CampusSW") in the Department field, it gives me an error (There was an error rendering: Top 10 Nodes by Percent Ports Used ). 


      It would be nice if I could even separate them so that I could set the threshold in that way, but that might be asking too much.  Anyone else using custom properties to filter what is being show in the Device Tracker summary view?