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    FEATURE REQUEST - Changing node status colors on a Network Atlas map




      My request comes from the situation that not everything should be RED when there an issue....specially in Network Atlas.


      I have multiple officeswith differents type of network devices (router, switches, printer, access points,etc)

      Network Atlas will have them perfectly drawn - Kodus!


      But, if I have one MAP in another global map....my small green icon goes to RED when anything inside that inner MAP has an alert.


      There should be a feature where you can set categories, based on business operations. For example, printers can be set to level 3, hence level 3 can be a light red, or even amber. A router can be set level 1, hence level 1 override everything else and its bright "blood-red"....


      Levels can also have days/hours of operatins.....


      Just a thought.....