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    NPM 10.7 - Cannot List Device Resources


      Upgraded to ie8, NPM 10.7.0, and SAM 6.1.0.

      Now cannot List Device Resources.

      SNMP configuration confirmed to be OK using non-SolarWinds tools from NPM platform.

      Polling appears to be working.

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          I am also having the same issue. It seems like the nodes that are already setup are working but any time you try to list resources or edit the node connection settings Solarwinds seems unable to find the system. I ran the update yesterday (3/26) before lunch and have not been able to update a node since.

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              I just opened a SolarWinds Support Case so hopefully we will have resolution soon.  If not I am going to have to ask SolarWinds for procedure to downgrade back to 10.3 since we had issues with 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 and now 10.7.

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                  During diagnostic session with SolarWinds Support, I was advised that SolarWinds software has to be installed using local administrator account.


                  This seems to be an unreal requirement in these days of stringent security regulations and best practices, and Active Directory.


                  I guess being a domain admin is not sufficient.


                  I finally was able to logon SolarWinds VM using a local administrator account.


                  I preceded to run repair for all installed SolarWinds software with repair option.


                  I can now list [node] resources successfully.


                  I searched SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Administrator Guide for "local administrator" and "administrator", and found these instructions:


                  Orion Server Software Requirements

                  SolarWinds recommends that Orion administrators have local administrator privileges to ensure full functionality of local Orion tools.


                  The following procedure installs Orion NPM.

                  To install Orion Network Performance Monitor:

                  1. As an administrator, log on to your NPM server.


                  To upgrade Orion Network Performance Monitor:

                  1. If you are using more than one polling engine to collect network information,

                  shut down all polling engines before continuing.

                  2. Using the local administrator account, log on to the computer on which you

                  want to upgrade Orion Network Performance Monitor.

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                      I have just upgrade from NPM v10.3 --> v10.5. We're having the same problem, we ran the upgrade after logging on to server as administrator? Found this knowledge base regarding running a repair


                      Repairing Orion NPM Installation

                      1. Log in to Orion NPM Server as a Windows Local Administrator.

                      2. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.
                        : This step applies to Windows XP and may vary slightly depending on your Operating System.
                      3. Select SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor, and then click Change.
                      4. Click Next.
                      5. Click Repair.
                      6. Click Next to complete the repair process.
                      7. Run the Configuration Wizard choosing the appropriate options for the installation - How to Run Configuration Wizard


                      Is this the procedure you followed?adeese2

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                  Thanks for that, we don't have the luxury of beginning again on a virgin VM. We're working in our production environment. Yeah I probably will repeat this procedure for all our components. Thanks for getting back to me. Fair play.