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    Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor is showing incorrect bandwidth usage


           I have been testing out solarwind products for my company for few days. Now I am trying to get Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor working properly. I have the program running on program and have it connect to my router. Everything is working fine except the data it gives me has to be wrong. It reach a high 2Kbps, which is impossible because we have least 6 user using the internet. Plus, one is doing remote access stuff through a program, some users are streaming video from youtube, and others are listening to Pandora radio through the browser. The router has a 1Gbps interface. Can anyone help?


      I am using SNMP v1/2.

      My settings are:

      SNMP Timeout - 2500

      SNMP Retries - 5

      Polling Interval - 120000

      Logging Level - Warning

      Override graphic acceleration - Unchecked

      Show debug window on error - Unchecked

      Show system tray notifications - Unchecked

      Warning threshold - 80%

      Critical Threshold - 90%

      Limit the chart data by time - 20 minutes