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    NTA Error: "You have not enabled NetFlow data export on the CISCO device"


      I have recently added 2 6509s into Solarwinds for NetFlow monitoring. They are set up in VSS, so it appears as 1 physical device (not sure if this matters but I thought I would mention it just in case).


      I have followed the configuration guides from Solarwinds and Cisco. Solarwinds is seeing the NetFlow traffic from this device, however, in the "Last 25 Traffic Analyzer Events" chart, I see the following:


      1. The NetFlow Receiver Service stops.

      2. Netflow Receiver Service Started

      3. I receive the error: "You have not enabled NetFlow data export on the CISCO device"


      This process repeats every few days. As far as I can tell, I am seeing all of the NetFlow data from the 6500. The show commands on the 6500 show that the data is being exported to the correct server and port. I do not see any failed exports from the 6500. I have checked and double checked the Cisco guides for NetFlow on a 6500 and I do not see anything out of the ordinary there. I have several other Cisco devices in NTA as well and I do not have any issues with them.


      Should the NetFlow Receiver Service stop and start like this?

      Why would I only receive an error for this device? Is there a hidden piece of config that is crucial for the 6500 that Solarwinds is looking for?