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    LEM Thoughts of the Week: Do you see yourself as a target for attacks? Who's the "bad" guy?

    nicole pauls

      Hey guys,


      Bringing it back to security a bit, we've done some surveys recently in the federal government space and connected this up with other material and it's interesting to read what people think they should be afraid of. We keep hearing about advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks and all of that, but is that really what most people even need to deal with? Is it the insider that you're a target of more (either the idiot or the malicious)? Maybe it's not that you're a target, but you're a vector, or maybe it's something smaller scope like "I'm a target of lazy people who make my job difficult"


      I know a lot of you can't share specifics about your companies and that's fine, but I'd be curious your thoughts about whether you see yourselves as a target, if not how you'd describe it, and WHAT you spend your time worrying about being a target of?


      (PS: Sorry the last thought ran a couple weeks, I'm getting ready to head out on maternity leave and swamped!)