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    Assign forwarded E-Mail to myself?


      Hi there,


      Sometimes I get E-Mail requests directly to my mailbox and when I want to put them into our helpdesk ticket system I just forward the email to a certain e-mail address which then puts the e-mail right into our ticket system. However, as soon as the ticket arrives in our system a random tech is assigned to that certain ticket. I there any way to forward the e-Mail to our ticket system and to and to assing that ticket directly to myself?


      I figured that there are some kind of action variables which can be put into the email's subject where the variables will change certain ticket informations. For instance:


      Ticket:12896 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:YES Status: EmailClient:NO Reassign: MinutesWorked: BillingRate:


      However these actions only seem to work when you update and already existing ticket. Is there a way to use the "reassign" variable with new e-mails/tickets?