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      Has something changed with this release of NPM ?


      when I click on list resources  i see for the most part what i expect but interfaces are not listed ?


      For example : I just added a switch and this is what comes up

      Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 4.52.27 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 4.57.32 PM.png


      I have seen this on a few nodes - thoughts ?



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          Hi Fitz,


          as far as I know we did not do any particular changes in interface discovery in 10.7. Did you see those interfaces in previous version of NPM? Does readding of those nodes fix the issue? I would recommend you to go to \ProgramData\Solarwinds\DiscoveryEngine folder and open DiscoveryResultDump.log file. Then find the ip of that node and check InterfacesSnmpInventoryStep line. You should see state (Success/NotApplicable), time and some details why it was not success which should lead you to the problem.


          If you find anything there then I would suggest to create support ticket.




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              Yea in my old set up they worked fine .. I see it more on network gear and some linux boxes -


              I added a couple of ASA and no interfaces where in list resources and when the network guys turned on netflow i had to manually in netflow add the interfaces. I will check the logs and see what they say.

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                Here is one I just ran on one node .. sonar discovery and when I add the node in individually - no interfaces show up but if I am reading the log correctly - it says 18



                ---------------- DISCOVERY RUN [1/30/2014 1:17:17 PM] Profile:  Engine 1 ---------------------------

                Discovery start time: 1/30/2014 1:17:09 PM

                Discovery last for: 00:00:08.6476179

                Endpoints discovered: 1


                   Name [], IP [1, Hostname []

                   with 26 activity results, 2 protocols and 7 features

                   Discovered Protocols:



                   Discovered Features:


                      NodePollers [N.Details.SNMP.Generic, N.Uptime.SNMP.Generic, N.Cpu.SNMP.HrProcessorLoad, N.Memory.SNMP.HrStorage, N.Topology_Layer3.SNMP.ipNetToMedia]


                      SnmpVolumes [Count: 5 Pollers: V.Details.SNMP.Generic, V.Statistics.SNMP.Generic, V.Status.SNMP.Generic]

                      SnmpRouting [NotRouter - N.Routing.SNMP.Ipv4RoutingTable, N.Routing.SNMP.Ipv6RoutingTable]

                      SnmpInterfaces [Count: 18]

                      AssetInventoryInfo [Polling method: Snmp PollingDescription: ServerSNMP]

                   Activity flow:

                      D IcmpProbe - Success (000.16s): [Response time: 0ms]

                      D SnmpProbe - Success (000.30s): []

                      D WmiProbe - NotApplicable (000.09s): [No WMI credentials found]

                      D VimDetection - Success (000.00s): [VIM discovery disabled.]

                      D HyperVDetection - DeviceIgnored (000.19s): [Node supports SNMP - WMI capability is ignored and Hyper-V cannot be polled.]

                      D MsSqlDetection - NotApplicable (000.03s): [No supported instances of SQL server detected]

                      I DnsResolver - Disabled (000.00s): [DNS resolver is disabled for one shot jobs]

                      I IcmpNodeInventoryStep - Success (000.00s): []

                      I NodeDetailsSnmpInventoryStep - Success (004.09s): []

                      I VolumesSnmpInventoryStep - Success (001.23s): []

                      I CpuMemorySnmpInventoryStep - Success (000.78s): []

                      I RouterSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.00s): []

                      I Layer2TopologyInventoryStep - Success (000.02s): []

                      I Layer3TopologyInventoryStep - Success (000.00s): []

                      I TechnologySnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.17s): []

                      I RoutingSnmpInventoryStep - Success (000.02s): []

                      I MulticastRoutingSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.00s): []

                      I TechnologySnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.20s): []

                      I InterfacesSnmpInventoryStep - Success (000.25s): []

                      I InterfacesSnmpInventoryStepNetscreen - Success (000.31s): []

                      I InterfacesSnmpInventoryStepF5 - Success (000.00s): []

                      I VLANSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.00s): [Interfaces SNMP VLAN Inventory step is turned off.]

                      I F5SnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.12s): []

                      I SAMHardwareHealthSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.22s): []

                      I NPMHardwareHealthSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000.11s): []

                      I AssetInventoryInventoryStep - Success (000.05s): []


                   TOP 100 longest activities by execution time:

                      (004.09s) IP : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.NodeDetailsSnmpInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (001.23s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.VolumesSnmpInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.78s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.CpuMemorySnmpInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.31s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Interfaces.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.InterfacesSnmpInventoryStepNetscreen - Success: []

                      (000.30s) IP  : D SolarWinds.Orion.Discovery.Framework.Snmp.SnmpProbe - Success: []

                      (000.25s) IP : I SolarWinds.Interfaces.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.InterfacesSnmpInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.22s) IP  : I SolarWinds.HardwareHealth.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.SAMHardwareHealthSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.20s) IP : I SolarWinds.Wireless.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.TechnologySnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.19s) IP 1: D SolarWinds.VIM.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.HyperVDetection - DeviceIgnored: [Node supports SNMP - WMI capability is ignored and Hyper-V cannot be polled.]

                      (000.17s) IP  : I SolarWinds.NPM.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.TechnologySnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.16s) IP  : D SolarWinds.Orion.Discovery.Framework.Probing.IcmpProbe - Success: [Response time: 0ms]

                      (000.12s) IP  : I SolarWinds.F5.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.F5SnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.11s) IP  : I SolarWinds.HardwareHealth.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.NPMHardwareHealthSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.09s) IP  : D SolarWinds.Orion.Discovery.Framework.WMI.WmiProbe - NotApplicable: [No WMI credentials found]

                      (000.05s) IP  SolarWinds.AssetInventory.DiscoveryPlugin.AssetInventoryInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.03s) IP  : D SolarWinds.APM.BlackBox.Sql.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.MsSqlDetection - NotApplicable: [No supported instances of SQL server detected]

                      (000.02s) IP : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.Layer2TopologyInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.02s) IP : I SolarWinds.NPM.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.RoutingSnmpInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.00s) IP : D SolarWinds.VIM.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.VimDetection - Success: [VIM discovery disabled.]

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Orion.Discovery.Framework.Probing.DnsResolver - Disabled: [DNS resolver is disabled for one shot jobs]

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.IcmpNodeInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.RouterSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Orion.Core.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.Layer3TopologyInventoryStep - Success: []

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.NPM.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.MulticastRoutingSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: []

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Interfaces.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.InterfacesSnmpInventoryStepF5 - Success: []

                      (000.00s) IP  : I SolarWinds.Interfaces.DiscoveryPlugin.Activities.VLANSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable: [Interfaces SNMP VLAN Inventory step is turned off.]