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    NPM 10.7 - Default Zoom Range for Charts


      Hi All,


      First post from a forum newbie here!


      I am using NPM 10.7 (really impressed so far) and have been trying to build a nice work flow for automating content for Monthly Performance reports for our Managed Service Customers. Historically we have been using the "classical" type of charts but im looking to move to the newer style.


      So far I have created some new Reports that retieve, for example, Min/Max/Avg bps Charts for several interfaces. My Report has been assigned a Report Schedule to run on the first day of each month, and typically report "Last Months" Data,


      I'm hitting an issue with the Default Zoom Range. Depite me changing both Default Zoom Range to "Last Month" AND Amount of historical data to load to "Last Month" my chart based reports only zoom to approx 1 week of Data. As i'm providing the report content to our NOC in a PDF format, with no option of increasing the Zoom range post production, I'm kinda stuck what to do?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.