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    AD login issue on NPM


      Hello all, I've recently ran into a strange login problem on our NPM site. We have NPM and SAM, with two pollers and a webserver (all Server 2008 R2). The people who access NPM have been, until this point, mainly domain administrators, but now I have some non-administrators that will be using it. I've added their AD user accounts into NPM and adjusted their permissions accordingly, but they can't login (citing Login failure. Username and/or password incorrect).


      I've now tested it with a test account, and it looks like only those user accounts that are members of the webserver's local administrators group are able to sign in to NPM. I've scoured the administrators guide and these forums trying to find out exactly what permissions are needed, so that I can avoid having to give these users local admin on the webserver, but there's no mentions of the server's security groups having any relationship to Orion login.


      NPM 10.7 & SAM 6.1


      Anyone have any ideas?